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Tools Time - Income and Cash Control.

Facial recognition biometric reader systems are one of the innovative systems, impossible to impersonate identity, Contactless Access Control, 
Development verifies correct profile, number of people within a sector Staffing, effective times of Operation. Tools Time

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Reconocimiento Facial Terreno IA SPGO CL.jpg
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Tools Time

Tools Time is a tool that complements the technical inspection  in works, also supporting the control and management of construction works and services, under online digital platforms, for correct decision-making.


The Tools Time system is connected via the Wi-Fi wireless network signal and consists of an intelligent CCTV connected to an artificial intelligence system which supports the performance of field inspections, walks, construction progress and site safety.


By having Artificial Intelligence, it can detect the people who are executing the tasks and be able to generate a more efficient traceability at the time of the execution of a new project.

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